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Yorkshire Water engaged CappKind for commercial services and custom software solutions

Client need

Yorkshire Water determined that a commercial consultant was required to support its AMP7 Capital Delivery Programme. CappKind was the sole consultant appointed to the Commercial Assurance Framework. The client required a diverse set of programme delivery services delivered by programme, project and commercial professionals. Furthermore, the client secured CappKind’s software, database, and application developers to create custom project management and payment/cost management applications.


Effective programme delivery

CappKind solution

CappKind provided services including:

  • Quantity Surveying.
  • Framework management services.
  • Contract management and administration.
  • Cost planning.
  • Contract and commercial advisory services.



  • Tender and contract documentation drafting and assurance services.
  • Schedule management and programme assurance services.
  • Risk management.
  • Project management.
  • Project controls.
  • Special Commercial Projects Team.
  • Software development and SaaS solutions (real time risk registers, project management plan, automated payment portal).
Delivering sustainable solutions, savings and return on investment

The impact

Through the provision of commercial assurance and digital services, CappKind are proud to have yielded a return on investment through quantifiable savings and returns of ~£9m to Yorkshire Water.



Commercial assurance

CappKind’s team provided a range of programme delivery services, realising benefits including:

  • Commercial and contract delivery on over 500 NEC contracts of all sizes and complexity through to successful completion.
  • Assessment of more than 5,500 compensation events and 12,000 payment applications.
  • Analysing schedules to empower the project manager with critical information to inform decision making.
  • Accurate forecasting, analysis of expenditure and reporting to reduce cost shocks.
  • Reduced resource requirements in project controls due to automation of data collection, cleansing and analytics (saving approximately £300k per year).
  • Provision of a Commercial Projects Team to develop and implement bespoke commercial projects and initiatives. These included
    • automated KPI/KPM analytics and Power BI reporting,
    • bespoke incentivisation mechanism,
    • Client branded contract documentation templates, contract and commercial analytics and reporting.

Software solutions

  • Real-time Risk Registers – digitising the registers in an Azure database eliminated the need for Excel based risk registers which had previously required extensive collation of data from over 50 project managers, saving approximately £300k per year. Project risk became live and visible.
  • Project Management Plan software that fully integrated the gated lifecycle, activities, templates, and processes of the client. This increased efficiency and visibility of programme, subprogramme, and project delivery and mitigated the need for complex and burdensome trackers prone to data entry errors and inconsistencies. The Project Management Plan software yielded an estimated ROI of £4.7m.
  • Improved efficiency of the monthly cycle of payment applications via a bespoke NEC Payment Portal software application. Previously, payments were processed through manual Excel templates which were emailed to various stakeholders for sign off/approval. The payment portal designed and implemented by CappKind enabled all applications for payment to be assessed, certified and approved in the system, reducing the amount of administration required by the clients project co-ordinators. ROI assessed as ~£965k benefit for the remaining framework period based on an investment of £80k.

Key benefits

  • Commercial Assurance

  • Delivery Excellence

  • Lasting Legacy

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