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Main contractors

We understand that construction contractors want to get paid fairly for delivering a great project, enhancing reputation and driving repeat business. We also understand that a successful tender often presents its own challenges in making the project a commercial success.


We support our contractor clients during pre-construction processes to establish a delivery plan that is both competitive and deliverable. We engage with supply chains to leverage innovation and lock in margin. And we proactively manage packages and projects to fairly optimise cash flow and value, ensuring that the required information is reported within the business.

Many of our relationships with contractors begin with our flexible resourcing service, often where we can address an urgent resourcing requirement. However, our wider construction consultancy experience and diverse service model invariably enable us to add significant value beyond a single project.

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Construction clients

Whether providing strategic advice or delivering project services, we work with clients across various sectors to get the most out of their capital investment.

We save time and money by actively managing risk and focusing on the core objectives. We pride ourselves on understanding our clients’ needs, targeting inputs where they provide greatest benefit and ensuring that decision makers have the information they need.

Capital delivery is complex, often involving many different stakeholders, challenging regulatory requirements and a myriad of organisational acronyms! We relish operating in these demanding environments and always welcome the opportunity to bring the benefit of our capability and experience to a new client.


We are always looking to develop new partnerships and working relationships with other consultancy organisations. Whether it’s reciprocal resource support arrangements, sharing specialist expertise or partnering for a specific project, we believe that collaboration benefits our industry as a whole.

Many major UK construction clients now mandate the use of SMEs by their tier 1 suppliers. Whilst CappKind is an SME, we also have experience as a tier 1 consultant on major capital programmes. This experience, combined with our diverse service offering and specialist capabilities, makes us an ideal fit for our larger consultancy partners.