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PowerBI dashboard reporting

PowerBI is a powerful business intelligence tool that allows users to create interactive, automated, real time dashboard reports. These dashboards are an effective way to present complex data in a visual representation that is both informative and easily deciphered.

At Cappkind, we understand that PowerBI dashboard reports are only as useful as the data that drives them. Our team of project controls professionals specialise in identifying and restructuring key data sources to ensure they can be seamlessly connected to the dashboard. By focusing on these data sources and how they relate to each other, we create data visualisations to help tell the story behind the data, making the data more accessible and understandable to viewers.


The power of data modelling

We are specialists in creating bespoke data models for our clients. They are an invaluable tool, used to represent complex relationships between data elements, providing structure and meaning to the data. They can provide insights into customer behaviour, project and programme performance, and market trends.

The future is unknown, but data modelling can be used to predict future outcomes by providing valuable insight and supporting your project controls. This helps businesses make informed decisions, mitigate risks and even identify areas for cost savings.


Programme monitoring and controls

Capital investment programmes are essential to delivering our clients’ long-term growth plans. Their success relies on expert planning and risk management, to provide the investment with every chance of achieving the desired benefit and return. Our project controls team understand that successful investment programmes depend on setting realistic, achievable baselines which focus on the strategic objectives and goals from the outset.

This is why our services focus on developing the processes, schedules, systems and reports to monitor and control the performance of your investment. By establishing these controls early in the process, you will be able to recognise and deploy interventions where required and make any necessary adjustments to maintain control of the investment throughout its lifecycle.


Integrated schedule management

Integrated Schedule Management (ISM) is a service designed to help our clients manage their schedules more efficiently. It provides a comprehensive view of activities and tasks associated with a project, enabling companies to better understand and control the progress of those projects.

ISM also helps to reduce the inefficiencies and improve accuracy of project planning. It allows managers to set deadlines, prioritise tasks and monitor the progress of the project, ensuring that projects are completed on time and budget. At CappKind, we support clients by providing ISM services such as schedule assurance, programme portfolio management including P6 EPPM cloud management, planning support and both project controls and programme level schedule reporting.


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