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The project management platform for capital programmes

CappKind experience in the construction sector and asset management has led to the design and development of ProjectDeck.

ProjectDeck is the cloud-based project management system that brings your project processes to life. Connecting your templates to the work your teams do.

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Who is ProjectDeck for?

ProjectDeck is targeted to organisations that deliver capital, construction or other waterfall / structured projects. It provides flexibility to design project lifecycles to fit your needs.

ProjectDeck is has been specifically developed for construction by industry experts. Maximising flexibility and efficiency for asset-owners, contractors, and consultants.


How does ProjectDeck work?

Organisations create project lifecycles that consist of templates, processes and workflows. Teams then follow these lifecycles as they deliver their projects.

Designed lifecycles establish the process that each project will follow. This provides both the flexibility and the structure that capital delivery project management requires.




ProjectDeck benefits...

  • Addresses the needs of capital delivery project management.
  • Flexible for multiple projects, programmes, frameworks and clients.
  • Design your templates, manage your workflows, report, control and improve with ease.
  • Capture and retain the documentation and data that you need to succeed.
  • Enable continuous improvement to flourish.
  • Flexible and engaging user experience that is easy to adopt.
  • Delivers significant time efficiencies, whilst improving compliance and quality.
  • Designed and developed by asset management and construction industry experts.
  • Made for modern teams – easy to buy, roll-out and scale.

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