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Web Application Development

Construction industry web application development

End-to-end software solutions to meet your business needs



Custom software development

We specialise in asset management and construction sector web application development.

We provide full stack (front-end, back-end and architecture) solutions to meet your bespoke business requirements.


Data service development

We design and develop data services (database architectures, ETL processes and front-end dashboards) to drive enterprise grade business intelligence solutions.

Our customers include asset owners or construction contractors with Programme Management Office (PMO) data and insight demands.

Our technical solutions answer strategic management questions such as, “How is my capital programme performing?”


Web application development approach

  • User Experience (UX Design)
  • Architecture and APIs
  • User Interface (UI Design)
  • Agile Project Management
  • Product Improvement

User experience
(UX Design)

Our development process always starts with your users. We deploy specialist UX designers and business analysts to discover the depth behind your true business requirements.


Architecture and APIs

Once requirements are understood we design the fit-for-purpose architecture that will deliver the quality you require.

Building on a great architectural foundation is often the secret for excellence in web application development.


User interface
(UI Design)

Our UI Team will design a ‘presentation layer’ or front-end to your web application that will engage your users and ensure excellent adoption.


Agile project management

All our web application development and data service projects are managed under our DSDM Agile development process.

We believe in the power of iterative design and development. Our commitment to Agile includes rapid wire-framing and prototyping, and development of MVP solutions as quickly as possible.

This approach helps our customers validate their requirements and assumptions incrementally, to rapidly unlock valuable outcomes.


Product improvement

Our product improvement services are aimed at improving your existing web application or data service solutions.

We deliver database performance reviews, code audits, UX and UI reviews and application testing services.

The results of these independent reviews are readily used by CappKind, or other developers, to drive improved product solutions.


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