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Consultancy Services

Professional services for a modern construction industry

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Commercial management

We optimise commercial performance and manage commercial risk to drive value for money for our clients. On one-off projects or large capital programmes, our highly qualified and experienced commercial team are committed to providing commercial confidence from the outset.

We offer comprehensive consultancy services for both end-clients and construction contractors. From commercial strategy, procurement and cost planning, to contract management, payment assurance and commercial reporting, we control cost and provide commercial predictability, enabling our clients to make informed decisions.


Project controls & schedule management

We live in a data driven world and capital delivery is no exception. At CappKind we specialise in bringing the very latest digital technology to project and programme management consultancy services.

We help our clients to capture robust data and use advanced modelling techniques to provide meaningful information about past performance and predicted outcomes. We present information in bespoke BI dashboard reports that visually convey key messages in a simple way. Alongside our integrated schedule management and monitoring and controls services, we provide a complete solution to drive project and programme performance.


Project management

We understand our clients need to achieve maximum value for money whilst delivering the required project outcomes and benefits. We also understand that construction project teams, stakeholders and supply chains are complex, and every project throws up its own unique challenges.

By cultivating and managing relationships, and implementing a rigorous, process-based approach to project management best practice, our project management consultancy services team is here to turn your aspirations into reality.


Portoflio & programme managment

Large portfolios and programmes involve complex, and often conflicting, requirements. There is pressure to achieve success from a wide range of stakeholders with varying interests. CappKind’s experienced team can navigate these challenges for you, focusing on required benefits and return on investment.

We understand key constraints such as budgets, timescales, regulatory requirements, health and safety and sustainability considerations. We proactively manage issues, risks and change. And we ensure decision makers have a clear view of portfolio / programme health, providing the information required to make effective decisions.

And we don’t stop there. We know that sometimes you need something a bit different...

We have specialist capabilities across our team that enable us to provide you with industry leading bespoke professional services for your capital projects and programmes.