Towcester Water Recycling Plant at dawn

Towcester Water Recycling Plant

Quantity surveying and estimating for the Towcester Water Recycling Plant upgrade





  • Project value


  • Programme duration

    16 months

Towcester Water Recycling Plant

Client Need

Our brief was to provide comprehensive quantity surveying and estimating services for the Towcester Water Recycling Plant upgrade. The overarching goal was to achieve the necessary environmental standards while optimising operational efficiency of the Towcester plant. The project included vital components such as Full Flow Treatment (FFT), accommodation of supply growth, and P-removal.

The project scope encompassed the construction of two Activated Sludge Process lines, two Final Settlement Tanks, and associated downstream processes. Additionally, civil, mechanical, electrical, and ICA engineering works were integral parts of the project, ensuring the successful execution and compliance with stringent regulatory standards.


Robust estimating and quantity surveying

CappKind solution

CappKind provided quantity surveying and estimating services delivered by our commercial team:

  • Estimating pre-contract costs
  • Procurement of subcontractors and suppliers
  • Subcontract management, ceiling price, estimating and change management




  • Management and mitigation of risks and opportunities
  • Forecast reporting and cost control
  • Contract administration
  • Management of client procedural compliance throughout the project duration

The impact

1. Streamlined Procurement and Supply Chain Management:

Our team spearheaded the seamless procurement of the supply chain. With a keen eye on cost, time, and availability considerations, we ensured the selection of partners and resources that aligned perfectly with project objectives.

2. Robust Cost Reporting and Forecasting:

Effective cost reporting and forecasting are cornerstones of sound project management. Resulting in precise financial insights and forecasts that not only guided decision-making but also ensured that the project remained on budget and on schedule.

3. Comprehensive Commercial Reports and Insights

We delivered a series of meticulously crafted reports and insightful commentary. Our reports empowered decision-makers with the knowledge to navigate the project’s financial complexities and adapt to evolving circumstances.

The collective impact of our efforts extended beyond mere numbers. It translated into enhanced project efficiency, risk mitigation, and the seamless execution of the Towcester Water Recycling Plant upgrade. Through our unwavering commitment and expertise, we played an instrumental role in driving the project’s success ultimately contributing to Anglian Water’s mission of delivering excellence in water and water recycling services.


Key benefits

  • Cost Management

  • Contract Administration

  • Procurement


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