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Driving success in capital investment delivery

Client need

Luminate Education Group (LEG) identified a need to improve their schedule management processes, creating a consistent approach to schedule submissions to support its capital programme. LEG is a collective of education providers based in Yorkshire. As part of its capital investment programme strategy, it adopted the use of the NEC4 contracts, with schedules critical to project success.

To develop and improve their Further and Higher Education properties across the Yorkshire region, LEG will procure multiple projects over the next five years ranging in size and complexity. These projects will be planned, monitored, and delivered using advanced project schedules (programmes) therefore LEG approached CappKind to develop a standard approach to schedule management.

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'Level of Control' methodology brings flexibility to project scheduling

CappKind solution

CappKind developed a Schedule Management Specification (SMS) which meets the standard specifications in the NEC4 conditions of contracts. Additionally, it includes extra best practice requirements of the organisation.

The SMS is based on industry best practice, Association for Project Management guidelines and the Defence Contract Management Agency standards. The specification ensures that schedules are submitted in the appropriate structure and format. Therefore, all schedules will meet the organisations management and reporting requirements.

Projects of different sizes often require schedules to be more or less detailed. Therefore, the SMS includes a ‘Level of Control’ (LoC) methodology. This is so that an assessment of project complexity and value informs the schedule specifications that apply to each contract. It provides LEG with flexibility to change the LoC if the assessed LoC does not meet the needs of the Project Manager.

The LoC principle recognises that the level of effort required for schedule management should be commensurate to the control requirements of the project. The LoC is established in the contract Scope and assessed on factors associated with project value and the complexity.

Through standardising the approach to schedules, planning and level of control, the SMS allows tenderers schedules to be assured as part of the procurement/tender evaluation process.

Post contract, having a consistent approach to scheduling promotes consistency for LEG’s Project Managers. Importantly, the standardisation facilitates the aggregation all projects’ schedule information. This provides LEG an overall view and control of its capital delivery programme.

Enhancing programme visibility and control

The impact

Importantly, the SMS provides LEG with a standardised and detailed approach for project schedules. Furthermore, the document expands on the content in standard conditions of contract, and aligns with the requirements of LEG.

Additionally,  SMS provides Project Managers with a framework to empower decision making when reviewing and accepting schedules. Similarly, at a programme level, LEG have wider visibility and control over its capital delivery portfolio.


Key benefits

  • Standardisation

  • Compliance

  • Lasting legacy

"From start to finish, CappKind supported us in the implementation of our NEC contracts providing invaluable advice, quality of service and transparent project updates throughout the process. We really appreciated CappKind’s ‘end user’ first approach to making contracts easy to draft, easy to check, and most importantly, easy to understand. We will be definitely using them again."
Adam Cole | Commercial Manager, Luminate Education Group
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