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Streamlining procurement with NEC4 contracts at Luminate Education Group

Client need

Luminate Education Group is a further education provider based in Yorkshire. As part of their capital investment programme strategy, our client adopted the use of the NEC4 suite of contracts.

Luminate Education Group commissioned CappKind to support, advise upon and develop documentation for its adoption of NEC4 contracts. Various forms of contracts will be utilised for procurement of various projects across its property portfolio.

Blue sky

Enhancing efficiency and clarity in NEC4 contracting

CappKind solution

CappKind provided expert contract and procurement support, emphasising the use of various forms under the NEC4 suite of contracts. Our responsibilities included:

  • Developing client-branded contract templates for all contract forms used by Luminate Education Group, with built-in guidance to help end-users in drafting.
  • Creating a standardised approach to additional conditions of contract, drawing on our extensive NEC knowledge, and developing specific Luminate Education Group requirements.
  • Designing a comprehensive suite of client-branded contract communications, including form fields and guidance to help the end-user.
  • Aligning client documentation with the various forms of NEC4 contracts, ensuring clarity and consistency across all documents.
  • Drafting and reviewing tender and contract documentation for a specific HVAC tendering exercise using the Facilities Management Contract.

Overall, our NEC contracts expertise allowed us to provide our client with customised contract solutions and streamlined documentation. Importantly, our solutions can be adopted by Luminate Education Group’s supply chain.

Building a strong foundation for future projects

The impact

CappKind successfully turned Luminate Education Group’s goal of implementing the NEC4 contract suite throughout their capital programme into a reality. Therefore, we maximised the potential that their contracts are tailored to their unique needs.

Our approach achieved this objective, and provided our client with a deeper understanding of how they can leverage the NEC to their advantage. CappKind also created a comprehensive set of documents to streamline the use of the contract in future projects, ensuring efficiency and consistency.

Overall, CappKind’s expertise in implementing the NEC4 contract suite has helped the client achieve their goals while enhancing their understanding the contract.


Key benefits

  • Standardisation

  • Compliance

  • Lasting legacy

"From start to finish, CappKind supported us in the implementation of our NEC contracts providing invaluable advice, quality of service and transparent project updates throughout the process. We really appreciated CappKind’s ‘end user’ first approach to making contracts easy to draft, easy to check, and most importantly, easy to understand. We will be definitely using them again."
Adam Cole | Commercial Manager, Luminate Education Group

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